S5 Skintone Edit

This is Jawusa’s extracted S5 skintone from Castaway stories, edited to match Aledstrange’s improved Maxis face defaults. meetmetotheriver and strangetomato requested this, and after finally getting Photoshop to run on my new laptop, I cobbled the skin together for the two of them.

It is geneticized to be darker than S4, and you can see the difference in tone in the pictures. It is also townified. It is naturally a wee bit pixelated because it is so dark, but I did the best I could to stop it from getting too pixelated. 


Swim Trunks for Little Boys

This is a gift for alienpod/maple-grove because the other day I reread the whole Maple Grove story and it’s so beautiful and pretty and I love seeing it on my dash and she’s such a lovely person. <3

Anyway, I noticed that on two different occasions, her little boys ended up in the same swimsuits so to resolve that I made her some new ones, with LOTS of colors. :) It’s on a basegame mesh and I borrowed the texture from fakepeeps7, and colors from an-nas. So, this comes with all of an-nas colors, the 13 Pantone Spring/Summer 2014 colors, and 22 plaid variety trunks. I hope you like it, my dear! (You’re awesome, can’t wait to see more Maple Grove!)


(Everything is tooltipped and labelled so you can delete what you don’t want, *like an-nas’ white and off white*.)

Sorry, I’ve been looking for EM/TM stuff for my neighborhood too and I’m a bit bitter. ;__; You can open the default packages with SimPE and delete the ages you don’t want though, so that makes it easier.

Hmmm, which ones are you trying to replace? Maybe I can scare up some things you’ll like. And that is fabulous information, thank you!

simper-fi replied to your post “Every time I go over the sims2defaults database, I get more and more…”

That’s what I’ve started to do as well :/

Ooh, yay, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

alienpod replied to your post “Every time I go over the sims2defaults database, I get more and more…”


Why thank you, though your choice of words is…off-putting. :P

Do it! Please! Save us all :(



I guess what I’m really thinking about doing is carefully going through and collecting things and matching them up with what I want defaulted. Then I’ll publish the list and start work on it, but that way I can get help from other people as well. There are definitely somethings that have GREAT defaults (looking at you alienpod) but the rest of it just needs so much help. What I really want is for everything to have fat and preg morphs (even the male stuff) and then have no cross age defaults. (Can you tell that I DETEST when there’s the same default for tm-am-em and you can’t separate them?)

Gah, I keep making all these projects for myself.

Every time I go over the sims2defaults database, I get more and more fed up with it. I can’t keep track of repeats. There’s stuff that doesn’t have preg morphs. Some replacements are for multiple ages and you can’t separate them. Some outfits have no mm options and don’t even get me started on the male sections.

I am legit about ready to take things into my own hand, starting with the elders.