posted for posterity, a ts2 tutorial on default replacing a thing with another thing that has more groups


I wrote this for myself and Azaya and I keep losing the frickfracking text file so I am putting it here, because the internet never forgets. If it is useful to you I am glad. It probably will not be, because I am truly deplorable at writing tutorials. (But apparently not rhymes!)

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Handy. Thanks Pooklet!


Emma Watson talks to the UN.

She’s now getting threats and all manner of bullshit nastiness. Therefore, I propose that everyone should reblog this video until the Internet creaks with the strain, and then a couple more times to make the point, and tell everyone we know to watch it immediately.

Because that is how we do.

depending on the specs of the laptop - we can probably fix that for you. If you have cpu of 3000 Hz, and a reasonable graphics card, it’s likely to be just a change in your graphic rules.sgr to make it ok.

Haha, I think I may be out of luck! I have a 2.2Ghz intel pentium dual core processor and no graphics card but for the basic intel integrated graphics. :( I don’t mind. I’m sure when I finally get a new computer it’ll be badass.

I just tried to play sims 2 on the laptop I’m using at the moment.

It did not go well…thing won’t even give me smooth edges and it looks disgusting even with everything else on the highest settings. >:( Yuck.

Also, it seems that in my resistance not to start a Maple Grove-like hood, and to finish my Salamander legacy, I have managed to psych myself out of playing with anything but the Salamanders. The idea of doing anything else but that doesn’t excite me. So until I have a decent computer, I’m not going to be playing. I’ll still try to keep creating though, so don’t worry about that. :)

I think the cut may have eaten up what you said. :(




Anyway, screw it, I’m not typing it all again. Here’s the main bits.

Sweater pattern is from this magazine. I totally recommend buying it, all but like 2 patterns in it are AWESOME. If you decide to do it, don’t buy the recommended yarn. According to someone I spoke to, it loses it’s shape and gets droopy, but of course I learned this AFTER I finished that bit. Check your gauge. Don’t be a lazy schmuck like I was that one time and ruined a whole damn project. Just don’t. I set a daily goal to get through one cable pattern (14 rows), but you might have more time than I do. Before you start, message me, they made a mistake in the pattern that I caught when I started. I emailed them and they posted the correction on their website, so you can get it that way too. If you need ANY help at all, please tell me, I am super passionate about knitting and I love to help people with it! And post pictures! :)

Also, don’t let cabling scare you! It’s SO. MUCH. EASIER. than it looks. I learned around 12, so I can assure you, it is not difficult. 

Such beautiful cabling! I admire your patience and dedication. I like to knit, but I get distracted so easily I’ve never been able to make much progress on big projects.

Let me tell you a secret. Come closer. Closer. Okay. Ready?

I am ADD/ADHD. I need to keep my hands busy, and knitting has always been that thing for me. I still do have some trouble going for really long periods, but considering the patience and focus knitting calls for, I do pretty damn well. Don’t let the fact that you get distracted easily get you down. YOU CAN DO IT! I honestly thought I was crazy to try a sweater because I thought I would never finish, and I’ve been delaying making one for YEARS because that scared me so much, that I would start and never finish and I would feel so bad about it. But, as I quickly learned, I am more determined than I am distracted. The knowledge that at the end you will have a gorgeous unique item that YOU MADE will keep you going. If you’re still nervous, just set goals. For me, it was to finish a cable repeat every day. Give it a shot! I’m having the time of my life with this sweater, I actually regret not trying it sooner!




penig replied to your post: Lot #71: Charmed Farmhouse 2x2 lot, a…

Delete the front door, replace it. The game recognizes the last exterior door placed as the front. No one knows why.

Hey, I didn’t know that! Neat! I’ll try it later today when I can launch the game again. Thanks!

Reblogging because I never knew and that’s really useful to know, because goddamn stupid sims trying to enter through the garage is annoying.

As someone who likes front and back doors, this is very handy to know. Stupid newspapers in the backyard…